See below for your hints!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find the missing Husky somewhere on my site.

To find her:

  1. Solve the puzzle on the back of my business card. This will give you a hint to her location.
  2. Using the clue search my site to find her.
  3. Once you have found her, show me the page for your reward!


How do you solve the code to get the location?

Simple. Use the statement in quotations combined with the back of my card.


1st number refers to word #
2nd number refers to letter #

Once the puzzle is solved start from my portfolio page.

"I missed you, I thought. My weakness keeps us apart. I watch you lying there, so still. Until one day I cradled you in my arms and opened your covers. As I flipped your pages I wished our worlds would collided."