Blog: Scott what are you doing? - Oct. 2nd 2015

Sorry I haven't updated last week. I've been working on breaking down the newest King's Fall Raid in Destiny. Because I think most of it is a master class in game design. From how it teaches concepts to players to how rewarding it is to finish Oryx. If you have the time I think it is highly worth checking out. Especially if you appreciate boss and level design in shooters like I do. After I finish the post(s) I am working on for the Raid I'm going to do a string of mobile game posts. And somewhere in there I plan on updating everyone on the Strike I mentioned I was working on a few posts back. Though I feel as if the strike posts are more of a series on my design process. So that will be cool when it is finished.

Bye Felicia....

Bye Felicia....

Aside from all that exciting goodness the Haunted Hop patch will be submitted to Apple before my next post. There was an issue with uploading the scores to Game Center because we would only try to upload the score when the player achieved the high score but sometimes Game Center wouldn't accept it. So instead of trying to upload the top score only when they get it we are going to additionally upload their top score when the app is activated. We want to do it this way because the game is so short that if we do it at the end of every round we will ping Game Center too much and it wont upload anyways. So that will be fixed soon.

Even more news! A couple of my friends and I are getting together to create another app! You will remember the talented Josie Noronha (More of her work can be seen here: )from Haunted Hop. She lent her expertise to the UI Art. And the other is the Queen of Typography Amy Shimoshige (More of her fantastic work can be seen here: ). Fans may recognize her name from the special thanks section of Haunted Hop. She was the one who stopped me from using skulls as the font because they were illegible and downright ugly. We also used her talents to advise us on other aspects of the app. So that is very exciting as well.

Ah! one last thing I will be going to indiecade this year! We entered an early Haunted Hop prototype to see if we can get some unbiased feedback. (We did, it was excellent!) So if you are there feel free to say hi! (I say this now because I will probably forget to mention I am going later.)

And with that I bid you a due!

Than you again so much for your time,