Blog: New Years Resolutions!

This week's post is going to be short and sweet. Last year, I created the design blog in order to talk about my projects, analyze games, and generally talk about a variety of design topics. This resulted in thirty-four posts, a little bit under one post a week. While this was no small feat, I believe I can do better!

With that said, I think I'm really going to make an effort to do fifty-two posts this year, one a week. This will be a true challenge for me. I'm giving myself one rule: if the quality of the posts begins to suffer, I'll slow down a little bit. Or I'll break some of the larger posts into multiple parts so I can still attain my goal without sacrificing quality. With that said, I'm off to do research into level design at Disney World.

Hope you're having a Happy New Year!

I see you guys next week,