The Spinning Box Dilemma!

Hey guys,

Sorry about last week, I wasn’t able to access the site due to technical difficulties. Then again, being out of town definitely wasn’t helping much.  I know the plan was to do a piece on Dory’s parents this week, but I don’t think it is quite ready yet. I think it needs a little more love before I put it up. So I hope to get it up next week. Instead, this week I want to talk about spinning blocks.

Technically, this is an update on Gardens of Eden. Since it is going to be so small though, I didn’t want to call it a formal update.

As you can see from the two-minute video, I’m messing around with the concept of the rotating blocks on the side of the wall. I’m trying to decide what would be a better experience: a longer block that constantly spins at a slow speed or a shorter block that will alternate between rapidly spinning and staying still.

Side note: In the video, I don’t mention the slower moving block being longer but I think that would work to increase the difficulty while keeping the smooth look.

I’m looking for feedback and second opinions as I work on other parts of GoE. Thoughts?

Thank you,