Mid Year Update

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give a brief update on the whirlwind that is my life in the video games industry. Back in March I started working for Level-5 IA and got engaged! Between planning the wedding, work and trying to further sharpen my C# knowledge, I haven't had as much time to blog or do as much research as I would have liked. Though I plan on getting back into blogging regularly, it will be some time until I'm able to get around to it again. Until then I found another Game Design blog which I think is excellent, Stanislav 'Farlander' Costiuc. He goes really in depth into design concepts and does videos which are easy to follow. Check him out!

Aside from that I'm preparing for E3. I'll be going all three days this year! So if you're going or just in the area feel free to reach out and we can grab a bite or get coffee.

Oh! And don't forget to check back here as well from time to time! I'll be back soon enough.

I'll see you guys next time,



Easy Week

Hi everyone!

We’re taking it easy this week, as I wanted to try something new after that marathon of Pokémon Go posts. As a result, I’m taking the week off to learn a little bit about video editing to see what I can pull together in place of a blog post. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll have a new post up next week anyways. I’ll just break down it into my usual analysis style post instead.

To prepare for next week, I’d love to hear your thoughts on excellent and memorable boss designs. I’ll be looking into Destiny’s Darkblade boss fight, and I want to compare it to other strike bosses within Destiny.

I’ll see you next week,


Pokemon Go Initial Thoughts

Hey everyone,

I hope you've all been enjoying Pokemon Go this week. I know I have. I'll be writing an analysis of the game next week, but I was curious about what your first impressions were. My gut reaction sent me into an overwhelming flurry of joy, but, as the dust settles, I'm honestly feeling a hint of disappointment. I think my expectations were simply too high. It feels shallow without a definitive goal, outside of just catching them all, and because the gyms change hands so often, they seem pointless. Maybe once the initial rush calms down they'll be more interesting. That's not to discount my current Pokemon Go addiction. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I'll have a full analysis next week, but I'd love to hear your initial thoughts!

See you guys next week,


Website Changes/ Post E3

This week, I'd like to highlight some changes around the site!

You'll notice in the navigation bar that a few options are missing. They've been cleaned up and condensed into the current options. Please feel free to explore my updated portfolio. Over time I plan on adding additional projects I worked on, so check back regularly to see what's new.

Also, if I met you at E3 and we traded business cards then you should be expecting an email soon. It was a pleasure meeting so many talented developers. If I missed you, feel free to shoot me a greeting! 

Next week we'll be taking a look into Disney Magic Kingdoms. We'll talk about finding the fun and why I'm still playing it two months later.

I'll see you guys next week,