Welcome to my portfolio!

I am a game designer based in Los Angeles, CA. I specialize in system design, monetization, and scripting.

I have 8+ years of experience working for JumpStart - Knowledge Adventure, as an indie developer, and for the last few years, a game designer and lead game designer for Level-5 International America. My Level-5 project is expected to be announced and launching soon.

I leverage my strong player empathy and technical ability to give the players a beautiful seamless experience.

Working with other driven creators feeds my fire and further pushes me to test the limits of game development.

Please enjoy a selection of some of the features I’ve worked on.

NFL RUSH Heroes & Rivals

Heroes & Rivals is a RPG built around training the best team to defeat other players' teams around the world. Each of the mini-games would train a user's individual players on their team. Leveling them up helped them to perform better in the big game.

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NFL RUSH GameDay Heroes

GameDay Heroes is a minigame collection built for families who want to play games together in the same house. We wanted to avoid going online because there are less restrictions for what we can do if the game isn't online. Initially, I started out as a tester for the various mini-games. Later, I took over as the primary designer for the NFL apps after the original designers had moved on to other projects.

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Haunted Hop

In Haunted Hop, the player is tasked with jumping over the fire rope. When they successfully jump, they receive a point. If the fire hits them, they lose. Sounds easy enough? Watch out though, the fire changes speeds, making a game which sounds easy quite challenging.

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Gamasutra Featured Design/Analysis Articles

When I’m not releasing new games or mentoring younger designers, I can be found writing about game design in my design blog. Some of which have been featured on Gamasutra.

For my most popular post, check out my series on Destiny’s King’s Fall Raid where I discuss how players learn to defeat three of the challenges in the raid.

For my most debated post, see “The Dark Zone Versus The Prisoner’s Dilemma” where I make an argument for the underlying systems in the dark zone pulling from the prisoner’s dilemma.

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