Thank you for taking an interest in my professional work. Here I talk about my favorite games and features I have worked on recently. I have tried to keep each section as brief as possible while still showing you how each of the games and features function. Thank you again and if you have any questions about any of my work feel free to contact me at Enjoy!

NFL RUSH Heroes & Rivals

Teams Functionality

I built the Teams system to encourage players to fight for their team to be the best. In summary the player does activities, such as playing games or posting on their message board, and they get points for them. The points are then put towards their team in a weekly match up against another NFL team. It is a way for all the fans of a team to band together and show that their team is the best while winning in game prizes. The bar at the top would move back and forth based on which team was currently winning and by how much. During the main NFL season our games followed the NFL schedule. But we ran our own playoffs and Super Bowl based on which teams did the best in our games. This functionality extended across NFL RUSH Heroes & Rivals as well as NFL RUSH GameDay Heroes.

Tackle Trouble

About this mini-game:

Tackle Trouble is a game where players collect footballs to gain points and increase their point multiplier. For every football they collect a new enemy spawns which moves at random. The 5th football collected (at the time of me writing this) spawns a special enemy which chases the player. When the player collects a NFL Shield coin the enemies turn into collectable footballs. They can then collect them to clear the field of enemies. Although after a few seconds uncollected enemies will flash and change back into enemies. When a player gets tackled they are prompted to tap rapidly to escape the tackle. While the player is tackled the timer at the top right corner of the screen begins to go down. If it reaches 0 the game is over.


About this mini-game:

In D-Dash players have 60 seconds to collect footballs to score points. They must avoid enemies running around the field or they will get knocked down for a few seconds. Players can collect NFL shield coins to grow large for a few seconds and gain the ability to tackle enemies and briefly remove them from play. Tackling enemies also grants players bonus time. All collected footballs and shield coins respawn after x seconds.

Jump & Juke

Description of images:

1. Players must collect footballs to gain points. Complete sets will raise their score multiplier.

2. Jumping through enemies & projectiles who are in mid air will win the player a shield.

3.  The shield will protect the player for one hit. If they are hit without a shield they will fall onto a net below and lose one life.

About this mini-game:

In Jump & Juke the player is forever running upward along 2 parallel football fields. They must collect footballs for points. If they collect a full set they are rewarded by an increased score multiplier. Players must also jump to avoid enemies running along the wall. If a player jumps into an enemy who is not resting or running on the wall they destroy the enemy and are rewarded with 1 shield point. Upon reaching 3 shield points the player is rewarded with a shield which can withstand 1 hit. If a player takes a hit while unshielded they fall onto a net below and lose one life.

NFL RUSH GameDay Heroes

Rusher Spotter

Backyard Frenzy

Disclaimer: The art done in these games are not done by me. They are the product of the incredibly talented artists over at Jumpstart - Knowledge adventure. My focus was on the design of these games and features. Though if you like the art I still know many of them personally and can get you in contact if you like.