Splatoon Part 3: Splatfest

Splatfest is a festival in Splatoon. There are three phases to Splatfest. I'll break each phase down and explain what happens in each phase.


A week before Splatfest players are prompted to choose a side between two options. These can be anything between cats vs dogs to rock vs pop. Most recently it was Autobots vs Decepticons. Anytime between a week before to Splatfest players choose a side. Once a side is chosen they cannot switch. They are given a shirt upon choosing a side with something related to the team they chose on it. They have the week until Splatfest to level up the shirt to unlock abilities and generally prepare for Splatfest.

Which side would you chose?

Which side would you chose?

During Splatfest:

During Splatfest the entire game looks different it looks like a real festival. When a player is playing games during Splatfest they are playing for the side they chose. (Let’s say I chose the Autobots for this last past Splatfest, then all my matches will be against Decepticon players and I will always be red they will always be purple) Within my faction I can level up by gaining XP. And the game tracks my rank within my chosen faction as well as each faction’s wins.

Splatoon normally...

Splatoon normally...

Splatoon during Splatfest...

Splatoon during Splatfest...

Post Splatfest:

The higher status I rank in my faction the more Super Sea Snails I will be awarded. (Super Sea Snails are used to add additional slots for perks onto weapons and gear) If I chose the team that wins Splatfest in the end I will gain a few extra Sea Snails based on my level. So participating is beneficial to me even if I don’t win. But I still want to win so I can get more!

In case you’re curious this is the exact formula they use to figure out the winner:

Final Score = Popularity Percentage + (Win Percentage X 4)

I really like the Splatfest events because it is something silly that they make a big deal out of. It adds to the game’s charm and changes up some of the art assets to make the game look just different enough. The getting to level up within the faction I think is fun and easy to understand. Additionally Splatfest being a fun event draws me and many other players back in. Even if I have stopped playing Splatoon and moved onto something else a fun event like this (Which Nintendo makes a huge deal out of on their social media) is just enough to regain my attention towards the game. It helps to reengage players who have stepped away from the game. I only have 2 problems with Splatfest.

1.         The shirt we are given at the beginning of the week we do not get to keep post Splatfest. Which is really lame because I would love to get to run around with my Autobots shirt.

2.         It only lasts 24 hours. From Friday night to Saturday night. I wish it would last for at least 48 if not 60 hours. Ending Sunday would be nice. That way I have all weekend to try and squeeze a couple games in. Or if it started earlier on Friday. But I guess this goes along with the “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” point I made in last post. If it ran for too long players would get bored of Splatfest. So I guess it is better this way.

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